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Abbreviations often used in this context

MRN = Major Road Network (ie. A350).  DfT= Department for Transport.  HIF= Housing Infrastructure Fund. STB= Sub-national Transport Bodies. (regional bodies) WGSSTB= Western Gateway Shadow Sub-National Transport Body (Wilts Council is only one part of this body). OBC= Outline Business Case (for government funding). LLM= Large Local Major Road (ie. the A350). CIL = Community Infrastructure Levy. WC = Wiltshire Council. WCS = Wiltshire Core Strategy



Both consultations on the subject are now over but you can still email the council with your views


Current as of September 10th 2021


Route 10C has been selected as the only option going forward, with some possible variations at the northern end


A second consultation exercise featuring route 10C is now over and we await the result from WC.

A decision on this consultation is due from Cabinet on or before 23rd November 2021


and the extensive bumph that goes along with it: July consultation.pdf



  1. November 2020 public consultation is now long over and Cabinet have made the decision to proceed with a second public consultation based solely on route 10C with possible northern end variations
  2. (Makes very interesting reading - sounds like a done deal to me!) 150m-to-be-invested-in-two-major-road-improvement-schemes-in-Wiltshire
  3. If you want to see what building a new bypass will look like read this
  4. Wiltshire Councils Budget for 2021/22.pdf    and  Final Year End Financial Position 2020-21.pdf
  5. Seend Parish Council - contact
  6. Wiltshire Council future meetings
  7. The current bypass scheme is not the same bypass scheme as put forward in 2016. That did not win funding from DfT.
  8. It is envisaged by WC that all bypass options will be single carriage way and national speed limit - 60mph
  9. Prospective Route Options taken from section 2:14 in 10 below dated July 2019. One route option only is now being progressed, 10C.
  10. A350 Melksham Bypass SOBC July 2019  (PDF) - (Interesting point at section 2.6)
  11. Latest Bypass options in detail as of November 2020 (PDF) (Note very faint large yellow swathe representing a vague line of bypass options on the maps attached to the options text)
  12. Transcript of presentation to Seend Parish Council (PDF)
  13. Melksham Bypass Public Consultation report as presented to Wilts Council Oct 2020  long but worth reading (Interesting points to read, Section 15 onwards, especially 18, 20,22c, 22f, 29,36,39,50)
  1. Wiltshire Council website
  2. Wiltshire Council sign up to e-letter
  3. Wilts Council 'What's New', the Online Web Library or Sign up to get access to all 'open' documents
  4. Western Gateway sub-national Transport Body
  5. Western Gateway Exhibition Boards (date unknown)
  6. Government Road Funding Information Pack
  7. Government Transport Analysis (TAG) due to be updated Feb 2021
  8. DoT Updating of TAG (PDF) (TAG is being updated and due to be released in February 2021 which could affect future decision making)
  9.  Climate Emergency-Wilts Council Feb 2019
  10. Homes England
  11. (Campaign opposing Chippenham Bypass development)
  12. The Housing Infrastructure Fund
  13. Melksham Oak School expansion due to more houses being built
  14. WC Capital Program - Transport  (PDF)
  15.  The Campaign For Better Transport. The well known anti-road building lobby