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Current as of 27th August 2022

NOTE: as nothing appears to be happening re the bypass I will suspend this site at the end of September until something does!!

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Below is from the December 2021 release, but read on for the latest!


At the Cabinet Meeting of Tuesday 30 November it was agreed to proceed with proposals for the A350 Melksham bypass.

(HOWEVER December 2021:-)

It also agreed to change the way forward for the scheme, after considering the responses from local councils, community groups and the public to the second consultation on the scheme, held between 23 June and 8 August.


(HOWEVER March 2022:-)!

Wiltshire Council will now defer the submission of the Outline Business Case to the DTI

as they will now wait on the release of the initial results of the

'National Highways M4 to Dorset Connectivity Study'





I have completed the online consultation as requested and still feel there is much to be said that it does not cover. It has seemed inevitable from the start of the first consultation that WC will have their way whatever objections that are put forward and felt by many that the choice of route 10c was also inevitable despite the other options put forward by WC, it being so strongly promoted by WC even then as the 'preferred choice' of route.

Anyhow, rightly or wrongly, it seems we will be getting a bypass whether we like it or not, so lets see if WC can at the very least mitigate the dreadful effects in areas that really are going to change peoples lives, and move forward.

The routing so close to Bowerhill and Redstocks is an absolute disgrace and should never have been thought acceptable. The lives of residents in both communities will be blighted forever, house prices will fall and no amount of tree planting or embankments will shield them from the incessant noise and pollution .

Both the above areas are currently a haven of peace and quiet for residents, walkers, cyclists, not to mention the wildlife. The land between Brabazon Way and Giles Wood is quiet, peaceful and full of birds, small mammals and doubtless many other creatures large and small that we don't get to see. The land around Redstocks is the same, tranquil and relaxing for all who use it. All will be gone if this route is followed.

I live in Seend Cleeve and whilst you may consider it too far away to be affected, let me assure you we will be. There are often days here when the rumble of traffic going along Snowberry Lane/Eastern way can be clearly heard, intruding into the quiet countryside. I can imagine what the noise from 10C will be like, again no amount of 'screening' is going to prevent that reaching up the hill, nor the constant headlights passing across the valley at night. The lights at the Snowberry Lane Stadium are bright enough from here to cause an uncomfortable glare in the sky.

So what can you do? Easy really, how about you build your new bypass as far as the A3102, it can easily link into the Eastern Way via existing road/roundabout (maybe a little road widening here) and then into the new distributor road being built though the Spa Road development (Hunters Wood etc). The replacment roundabout at the Spa Road end will be large enough to direct traffic up to the Bowerhill roundabout, along the short section of Western Way (could be slightly widened perhaps) and onto Portal Way, job done with ease, cost saving and minimal disruption.

Enough thought is being given to the junction options at the northern end of the new road, how about giving just a fraction of that time and energy to considering the alternatives at the southern end and the considerable adverse effects the current layout proposal will have.

Forget the Brabazon Way section and the A365 roundabout, its just so AWFUL!

I'm sure it's not impossible to assume the distributor road could be extended at the northern end through what are currently fields (probably future housing) to link up with the bypass at the A3102.

Any consideration been given to the amount of traffic that will be using the A3102 to access Melksham via 2 further roundabouts and into Lowbourne and another roundabout? The A3102 goes right past the King George V park and entrance, great for noise and pollution.